Sweet Bonanza demo is one of the online slot games developed and released by the Pragmatic Play provider which has been proven to be able to provide a Maxwin prize of 21,100x the value of the bet you place. The sweet bonanza demo machine uses a 6 reel x 5 line formation with 8 paylines or paylines which has an RTP Slot value of 96.51% and a high level of volatility, so it is not surprising that many slot players benefit from even the biggest jackpot prizes when playing it. Let’s try to test your luck by playing the sweet bonanza demo first!

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Sweet Bonanza Demo: Themes and Symbols on the Sweet Bonanza Slot Machine

When you enter this sweet bonanza demo slot game, then you can immediately feel the sweetness of the sweetie wonderland scenery which is the theme in the sweet bonanza slot with candy symbols and also fruits that will fill the contents of the reels as well as a sweet and tempting display that will hypnotize you like you are. Taste all the sweet foods that are served in the roll.

The symbols contained in the sweet bonanza demo consist of candy and fruit which make it very interesting to play and the color selection in this slot game adds a sweet and bright impression so that it is much liked by slot gambling lovers, especially in Indonesia.

The following are the symbols found in the Sweet Bonanza slot, namely:

1. Red Candy Symbol
2. Purple Candy Symbol
3. Green Candy Symbol
4. Blue Candy Symbol
5. Apple Fruit Symbol
6. Plum Fruit Symbol
7. Symbol of Watermelon
8. Grape Fruit Symbol
9. Banana Fruit Symbol
10. Lollipop Candy Symbol (Scatter)
11. Candy Bomb Symbol (Multipliers)
The candy bomb symbol will not appear in the normal spin round because the symbol will only appear in the free spin round.

In addition, each symbol above has a different payout value. In every slot online game, symbols are divided into 2 categories, namely the High Value category which provides a high payout value and also the Low Value which provides a low payout value.

In the sweet bonanza slot, the red candy symbol is included in the High Value category because the payment value for a maximum of 12 symbols in one round is 50x the value of the bet you place and the banana symbol becomes a Low Value symbol with a maximum payment value of 12 symbols in one round is 2x of the value of the bet you place. For more details, look at the picture of the payment value below which has a bet value of Rp. 1,200,-.

sweet bonanza demo

Sweet Bonanza Demo: Tumble Feature On Sweet Bonanza Slots

The tumble feature or the collapse feature is one of the features found in the Sweet Bonanza slot which means that for every spin that has a winning combination, the winning symbol will disappear and the remaining symbols will drop to the bottom of the reels and the empty combination will be filled with new symbols. . This feature will continue to be active until there are no more winning combinations in the round.

In addition, in the free spins round, if the tumble feature is active, the candy bomb symbol that provides a random multiplier will also be active and will bring a random digger from 2x to 100x which of course will be very useful to increase the chances of winning that you can get while playing.

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